Saturday, September 27, 2008

Redline Catalog

Front cover
Back cover
Just got the new Redline catalog straight from Las Vegas. Evan Moss at Redline did a great job with the layout and out did himself from last years catalog. Thanks to Tim Thompson for driving all the way out to Vegas and back to get me my very own copy and Fuzzy for giving me the opportunity to shoot the catalog. I shot the photos of Josh Hult and Fuzzy (both images are on the right of each photo).

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Anonymous said...

what's up I love your photos. I ride BMX with a lot of the people you have shot like josh and Mat B. I am moving to Provo soon. my girlfriend is a photographer at BYU. you should drop me a line some time at my email or if you have my space search my name in wyoming. alright have a good day.