Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pinhole camera

I've selected pinhole camera and lifts as my process for my alternative photography class. I've been really frustrated with my pinhole camera that has taken so much time away from me, in addition to the $20 that it cost me to build it out of legos ( I thought it would be really cool to build my pinhole camera out of legos! I should have stuck with the Stormtrooper helmet). I get images and then my camera would pull a quick one on me and give me crap. I think I have my patience and pictures under control?


It's been over a month since the last time i've made a post. Now that I know I can go a month without making a post, it's time to start posting some stuff. I've been really busy with school, family and work. I have a photo trip to New York with my program (at the end of March) and I've been selected with three other photo students to go to China with my teacher ( John Telford at the end of April). I'm really excited, but at the same time not because I have to be without Carly and Cru for a month. I will also be missing my wife's graduation and moving to California. I'm so thankful to have a wife who understands the opportunity. Cru just recently turned 4 months. It's been really fun to watch him change over these 4 months. He's been noticing things more around him and is entertained by things around him. We just got him some board shorts for the summer!


After having gotten torn into pieces from my alternative teacher, I decided that it would be best to redo my cyanotype. I'm really happy with the way this picture turned out. Even though the highlights are blown out, I think it adds to the picture.