Thursday, August 14, 2008

New York with Bryan Niven

In the middle of July I had the chance to go to New York with Bryan Niven to assist him in a shoot. If I told you who it was I'd have to hurt you really bad. Well, every day we worked up an appetite from walking hundreds of miles (it sure seemed like it). This photo was taken on one of our lunch breaks. I thought it would be a little fun to ad up how many calories we had for our lunch. Since I don't have a picture of what I ate, i'll just use this photo as an example of a normal calorie intake. Remember, I'm just as guilty as Bryan. Well, he did get me hooked on multiple Sundaes for each meal. Here's what Bryan had:
3 Double Cheese Burgers=1320
1 Sundae w/ peanuts= 375
1 Small Fry= 230
1 Chicken Nugget 4pc= 190
3 Sweet 'N Sour Sauce= 180
That comes out to be 2,295 calories in one meal. The Free Dieting website suggests that I have 1793 calories (or 597 calories a meal) a day for my weight, height, age and no exercise. Ba da dat dah dah, I’m lovin it!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

BMX PLUS cover

I took this photo along with a couple of other photos of Adam on my "day with Adam Banton adventure." It was a really interesting day because both Adam and I are new to the Salt Lake area. Shortly after this photo was taken I got a photo of Adam doing a tire tap while this "crazy kid" attempted to bite Adam's tire. Story has it that this "crazy kid" ate someone's throw up on the cement floor at this same skate park for $5. I had a hard time trying to shoot because I was laughing really hard.