Saturday, June 23, 2012

cover of BMX PLUS magazine

I made good use of a recent trip to arizona and met up with some locals. This was one of the photos I came away with. It was weird shooting bmx in a bmx only skate park compared to the normal skate park situation. Antonio barspins at the bmx only chandler skate park

Monday, June 4, 2012


So I've been going to Mammoth Lakes for a long time now and I've always wanted to shoot photos at the skate park. Unfortunately they don't allow BMX bikes. I happened to be up there a couple of months ago and noticed that Cody's status on Facebook said Mammoth. So long story short, we're shooting photos at the Mammoth skate park that doesn't allow bikes and all the skateboarders are cool with it except this older guy that showed up. He wasn't about to let us take photos, let alone let cody ride his bike there! This guy was in his late 30's early 40's and he would drop in when cody did, stand on the deck that cody was going to jump, threatening to fight us and call the cops. At one point I was thinking how bad it would hurt if he were to hit me. I know for sure I would have been on the ground gasping for air. If he had hit cody, it probably would have killed him. I got there shots to make it happen. The first shot my flash didn't fire, the second I cropped it wrong cause he was in my face, and I just settled on the third. The cops showed up right after the third shot and the cop was really cool about it but had to ask us to leave. The worst part about the whole experience is that every other skater was cool with us except for this guy. I even had other skaters coming up to us apologizing to us for this guys behavior. Well here's the third photo I got with only one flash ( I had to hold onto this one flash just to make sure he didn't accidentally run into it) that I had to keep moving around.