Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Old photo

I was looking through a magazine the other day and came across a photo that has brought up some not so fond memories. Here are some things that went into this photo:
-this photo was the second attempt
-4 hours worth of preparation.
-12' ladder on top of a 4' deck is very scary. At one point I was on the very top step reaching out as far as I could. 5' quarter plus a 12' ladder equals a 17' fall to flat. Good thing I didn't fall.
-two packages of black and white construction paper that my wife was nice enough to help me cut into half.
-my friend John-eric was nice enough to let me use his 70-200 lens to shoot it with. I shouldn't have borrowed it because I ended up buying it later on.

Thanks goes out to Chris Arriaga for putting up with my idea, checkmate!

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