Saturday, May 31, 2008

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Fuzzy told me that it was about time for Josh Hults first Redline ad.  Josh called me and was planning to go to Vegas for the Extreme Thing contest. So, instead of doing my homework I decided to shoot with Josh. A while back Josh was on a trip with the 5050 team and pulled a feeble-to-barspin on a bank to ledge. After thinking about it Josh knew that he could step it up by doing a tailwhip out of  the feeble. The whole trip was centered around Josh pulling that trick. Josh pulled it and the trip was a success!! Congrats Josh for your Redline ad.

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Sean said...

Hey Shad, I'm leaving a genuine comment, not a "I'm supposed to" comment. That picture where the kid is totally vertical facing the ground is really sweet. I don't know the biking term for it, Emily says it's called a nose dive. I tried to tell her that he was probably using a hip, but she didn't get what I was talking about. She just doesn't get the cool BMX lingo like I do. Anyways, it's a really cool picture, I'd like to get one of Heidi like that.