Thursday, September 13, 2012

Salt Flats part 1

I had the opportunity to film a video for Redline bikes and thought I would snap a couple of photos to help pay for the suburban that was towing the trailer with the ramps that was sucking gas like there was no tomorrow. I wish I could have spent more time out there!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Catalog work

I had the opportunity to help out someone I've looked up to ever since I started riding. Sometimes it pays to listen to other people. The idea was suggested by the rider to shoot with a long lens. I often get in this routine of using the same lens. I'm sure glad I sucked up my pride and listened!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dumb Luck

We went into it knowing what trick to do but not sure where and how to shoot it. The idea was to show Eric doing a high bunny hop, but I hadn't really thought of any spots to shoot it. Having no plan doesn't ever really work out from past experiences, except for this one exception. We were driving around one of my favorite stores (home depot) and found this semi trailer sitting out back. I made a joke saying that Eric should try bunny hopping on it knowing that it might be a little too high. Well it ended up working and we got the shot hassle free and it happens to be one of my more favorite photos.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New Redline edit

I have been wanting to do this for awhile and got the okay from Redline and most importantly the owner of the ramps (well he actually didn't say no so I took that as an okay). I had a lot of help to make this happen, especially convincing everyone that the ramps wouldn't sink in the salt. Thanks goes out to Redline Bikes, Josh Hult, Riley Smith, Jonesy Fedderson, Ben Voyles, Alex Auerbach, Reed Rowe and Eddie Buckley for letting me use his ramps!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Back to my roots

I had heard about this kid that lived near me who had build a track in his backyard. I had to check it out for myself. This track was huge! It had lived up to all the hipe. It even had a pro section. I thought it would be a lot of fun since I grew up racing BMX bikes when I was younger. Shooting and writing this article only makes me wanna race more. It took me a little out of my comfort zone ( You're probably wondering how that works but just humor me). Lets just say that I bought a full face and i'll be at the track more! Thanks Jesse and Alex!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

cover of BMX PLUS magazine

I made good use of a recent trip to arizona and met up with some locals. This was one of the photos I came away with. It was weird shooting bmx in a bmx only skate park compared to the normal skate park situation. Antonio barspins at the bmx only chandler skate park